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Multi-media production

Providing Everything You Need

Audio Production

Multi-media is changing the face of ministry as technology continues to transform our local churches. Our recording studio was designed to give ministries, singers, musicians, and songwriters access to a professional Christian environment that supplies qualified recording engineers and production at its best. We assist ministries to produce their projects from concept through recording and mastering. Whether your next project is an audio recording for a CD, audiobook, podcast, radio broadcast, voiceovers, audio for film and video work, consider our newly renovated facility.

Musical Lessons

We provide piano and drum lessons for youth and adults. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced and knowledgeable amateur we desire to help you grow your abilities as a musician. We focus on the fundamentals of technique, interpretation, music theory, and ear training. We will introduce you to identifying keys, scales, modes, chord structure, rhythms, composition techniques, and much more to give you a thorough understanding of music and your instrument. Playing by ear can be taught, and we will focus on this aspect of music in tandem with some reading and other techniques. Also, due to Covid-19, we provide online lessons. As long as you have your instrument, high-speed internet, and a webcam, we can accomplish just as much online as we would in person.


Video Production

Video production for local ministries has become a necessity in churches for continual growth. Video provides ministries the means to spread their message all around the world through live-stream, social media, and the manufacturing of discs. Many ministries don’t have the personnel, the knowledge, or the budget to produce their own recordings and broadcast. Let us assist your ministry with your next production so the members of your church can focus on worship and the other components of service.

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