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Bronx, NY

The Headquarters location of The Bible Church of Christ, Inc. is located at 1358 Morris Avenue Bronx, New York.  Headquarters was established on October 1, 1976. The phone number is (718) 588-2284.  Headquarters is known as the "Fire Station" due to the dynamic move of the Holy Ghost in which many souls have received salvation and lives changed through a healing ministry. The Christian Bookstore is located on the main floor and the doors are always opened to the public.

Dagsboro, de

Our Deleware location of The Bible Church of Christ, Inc. was purchased in July 1978.  This edifice is located at Diamond Acres, Dagsboro, Deleware.  The phone number is (302) 732-3234.  Our Founder, Bishop Roy Bryant, Sr., D.D. was the general contractor and overseer of the construction of this edifice.  He left his home, churches, and family, rolled up his sleeves to work tirelessly in the construction of this sanctuary.  This location has a strong youth outreach ministry providing biblical education and recreation as well as a strong desire to minister to the elderly at local nursing homes.



A group of The Bible Church of Christ members was conducting services on the campus of Albany University.  These services were conducted by Elder Monica Hope, whereby many students and area residents had come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  As a result of their committed efforts to locate a permanent place of worship, a new site for The Bible Church of Christ, Inc. was established.  The Schenectady edifice is located at 1132 Congress Street Schenectady, N.Y.  The phone number is (518) 382-5625.

Mount Vernon, NY

The Mount Vernon location of The Bible Church of Christ, Inc., located at 100 West 2nd Street Mount Vernon, N.Y, was purchased on April 30, 1974.  The phone number is (914) 664-4602.  This edifice has several features reminiscent of a true cathedral with a large steeple and beautiful stain glass windows.  Throughout the many "Deliverance Prayer Breakfast" services, many have been healed from various afflictions of the body, delivered from demonic oppression, and filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

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