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bishop Darue Bryant, D.D.

God has truly blessed our ministry with a wealth of knowledge and revelation that has produced practical fruit transforming the lives of many spiritually as they grow in God's grace. It is God’s will, that we become the instruments used by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit to advance the kingdom of God throughout the world without fear or favor. The keys to this kingdom have been given to the Church and enables us to become Christ-like; therefore, empowering us to promote the Gospel throughout the world and to invade the kingdom of the adversary through spiritual warfare. 

My Story

Bishop Darue L. Bryant D.D. was born in the Bronx, New York; however, he was raised in the south where he first embraced his call to the ministry in 1998.  Bishop Bryant’s ministry first began in the local nursing homes, hospitals and prisons where many were able to hear the Word of God and experience the anointing.  In 2002, Bishop Bryant was privileged to have the opportunity to pastor a congregation in Kinston, North Carolina at The Bible Church of Christ, Inc., for twelve years. The Kinston location was very active within the community providing:  food programs through the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, networked with ICOR an organization that helped with utility bills for the disenfranchised, partnered with fellow organizations to provide clothing, formed alliances with Sessoms Medical Associates to provide free health screening and services, as well as unifying with local shelters and halfway houses in order to rehabilitate those who were addicts, ex-inmates and jobless to acclimate them back into society.  Because of his successful efforts in the south Bishop Bryant relocated to Mount Vernon, New York to assist in the furtherance of the ministry:  spiritually through teaching, socially in community efforts and technically through broadcasting and web-based software management. 

Bishop Darue L. Bryant D.D., graduated from University of Mount Olive in 2007, with a B.S. in Theology and in the same year received an honorary degree, Doctorate of Divinity from the International Institute of Church Management.  He also taught several courses within theological institutes such as:  Christian Workers, General Bible, Evangelism, Homiletics and Demonology.  Bishop Bryant continues to further his education and knowledge due to his tremendous passion and commitment towards the Word of God.



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